Top 5 Tips To Look Slim In Anarkali Suits

Look slim in Anarkali suits? Is that even possible? Aren’t they supposed to be fluffy and make you look chubby? NO.

For the longest time, women have been told that Anarkali suits aren’t meant for fat women. Why so much of baseless information is being circulated around? It’s true that if you want to make yourself look slimmer, you cannot pick just any type of clothing and flaunt it. But chucking out something as awesome as Anarkali suits just like that isn’t fair.

Dear reader, it’s entirely possible to look slim in Anarkali suits and today we’re going to tell you how.

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Science to look slim in Anarkali Suits

Yes! It’s pure science. If you want to look slim in Anarkali dresses, just keep reading all the points in a very thorough manner. You need concentration because it’s not a post about random fashion tips. It’s about you learning the science behind looking slim and implementing it for yourselves.

1. Grab some heels to look slim in Anarkali suits

We’ll start from bottom to top. The first thing you need is heels. Heels would make you look longer and help you to look a bit slimmer.

We understand that heels are not the most comfortable footwear humans have invented. But no pain no gain!

Understand that there are several types of heels and not all can help you look as fantastic as you deserve to be. If you’re comfortable with pencil heels, go for them. Otherwise, try to pick as thin heels as possible and comfortable for you.

Don’t give into the fashion of chunky or block heels. They won’t help the cause here.

2. Wear dark solid colors

The fact is dark colors make you look slimmer. Did you ever wonder why you look thin in black color? It’s because of the dark color that absorbs the light and hides away your bulges.

Now, the safest way to try and look slim in Anarkali suits is to pick dark solid colors. We mean no prints, combinations of different colors whatsoever.

We understand that heels are not the most comfortable footwear humans have invented. But no pain no gain!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear all those ever again. Once you master the basic thing, start experimenting with suits that do have color combinations or even prints, but ensure that the colors are dark.

3. Wear long Anarkali Suits

Floor length Anarkali Suits aren’t a great idea. Yes! To look slim in Anarkali Suits, you need to say good bye to floor length suits as well as knee-length Anarkali suits.

Before you question, listen! Floor length suits would steal your height. They’ll make you look shorter and you’ll end up looking plump. With knee-length Anarkali dresses, there’s no big problem. In fact, they are much better than usual short length straight suits women wear. So, if you truly love them, wear them and they won’t make much difference.

But if possible, try to pick Anarkalis that come below your knees and still stay a few inches above your ankles. That’s the perfect length of the Anarkali dresses that will make you look slim.

4. Pick smaller motifs

Most of the fancy Anarkali dresses come with heavy embroideries. There are various kinds of motifs that go on them. In summer, printed Anarkali suits are also widely popular. But what you need to keep in mind is to pick smaller motifs.

Understand that we’re not asking you to pick light embroidered clothes. The embroidery can be as heavy as you may want but the motifs should be small. The smaller motifs will give you a sleeker look and isn’t that why you’re reading this post? That’s what you want out of this five minutes you’re investing in reading our blog. Right?

5. Pick long sleeves

Coming to the top of Anarkali dress, you would do yourself a favor if you prefer long sleeves. They will hide the chubbiness of your arms and make them look thinner.

Some miscallenous tips would be to go light on embroidery on the bust if you have a big bust. It’ll allow you to have a slightly better look. Also, don’t forget to go for a deep back as it will help you in the cause.

That’s it. These are the tips that will help you out. Try them and don’t forget to come back and tell us if they worked for you. We’re waiting!


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